Case Studies

The following cases represent a small sampling of the breadth of cases our firm fights for on your behalf.


Police Brutality

Our two clients were accused of stealing a police officer's duty weapon from his nearby home.  Instead of charging them with a crime, they were severely beaten and their house was torn apart.  After a federal jury trial, the court awarded the clients money for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and punitive damages to deter conduct like that in the future.


Workplace Injury

Our client was working as a painter in an old highrise building.  An old maintenance elevator he was required to use was not properly maintained including a lack of lighting.  The elevator door opened and client stepped into a void resulting in a broken back and other sever injuries.  Weston | Robertson was able to reach a confidential settlement before trial



Our client's wife worked for a company for numerous years and purchased life insurance through the company's Employee Retirement Income Security Act Plan "ERISA" benefits plan.  She contracted cancer and unfortunately entered the hospital for several months before dying.  Because she was not receiving a paycheck where the premiums were extracted from, the insurance company canceled her life insurance policy while she lay dying in the hospital.  Weston | Robertson successfully prosecuted the case in federal court and the judge ordered the insurance company to pay the benefits plus attorney fees.        

School Bullying

Our client was a freshmen in high school and was constantly bullied by a female classmate in person and on social media.  Her parents repeatedly contacted the school to do something about the situation to no avail.  Unfortunately, the client was attacked at school and had to undergo surgery to repair her face.  Weston | Roberson proved the school had failed to follow its own anti-bullying policy resulting in a successful settlement without filing suit.